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One Peace Foundation (OPF), formerly UPF, is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005. We aim towards promoting knowledge and practices to achieve a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

At OPF, we believe that attaining peace within ourselves will greatly contribute to achieving peace in our world.


Peace is essential for humanity. When peace is disturbed by instabilities, it manifests into (individual) physical discomfort and psychological distress, and thus towards (collectively) society problems and international issues. Oneness is a deeply reflective state in which an individual comes to an awareness and acceptance of all being. Through understanding “Oneness (wholeness)” and practicing mindfulness, we can develop the peace of our inner self. The “oneness peace” can lead us to embrace the divine energy of our universe. The process of seeking and attaining peace will change our perceptions and expand our understanding and awareness regarding issues in our society and around the world.


Bring Peace to Our World, One Person at a Time

Partner with local agencies and nonprofit organizations to host self-help workshops an seminars in both the U.S. and Asia, our outreach efforts are borderless. 

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