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Local Assistance

OPF works with local partners to support families in need around the San Francisco Bay Area. Through co-hosting annual winter charity events and sponsoring partners' programs, OPF has benefited thousands of families throughout the years. 


Holiday Food Drive

Thousands dollars of dry foods and supplies were donated to Alameda County Fire Department as an ongoing collaborating

effort to aid under privileged families.


Winter Charity

OPF partners with local nonprofits to jointly host annual winter charity event. Since 2008, more than hundred thousand pounds of dry foods have been distributed. Supplies, clothing, toys, and gift items are also available for hundreds of visiting families to choose freely. 


CAREavan Program

​Truck loads of nutritious breakfast, healthy snacks and hygiene necessities were distributed to CAREavan Program facilities where are safe havens for homeless families and individuals at night.

Health Fair FlyerR1_2014Dec_UPF_edited_e.webp

Winter Health Fair

Along with the winter charity

Global Assistance

OPF years of Global efforts have supported families and villages to rebuild and improve. Our  founder, Master Samantha, traveled more than 30 countries around the world 


Senior Center Assistance


Remote Area Assistance


Disaster Relief and Assistance


More Soon

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