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Community Assistance

OPF commits to support communities in need. With our local partners, the collaborated efforts have reached thousands of families locally (San Francisco Bay Area) and internationally. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of foods, toys, clothing, and supplies have been provided to families directly or distributed through local agencies' networks. 

HEAR™ Clinic

OPF's HEAR Clinic is a free service. Come to HEAR clinic and experience a session of balancing mind, body, and spirit. No matter what conditions of your lives may be, at HEAR (Healing, Empowering, Alleviating, Rejuvenating) clinic, we "hear" everyone. Discomforts will be rested here. We care about everyone's well-being.  Our specially trained team provide services at different event and location throughout the year. Join our newsletter and be notified our next HEAR clinic's location.

Wellness Seminars & Workshops

Join our wellness seminars and workshops and learn ways to tap into your inner universe. Our teachers and speakers are among the best in their field and share the same philosophy. We believe everyone can seek their inner happiness and harmony. Learn to be mindfulness and empower your days with positive energy. Let your journey to oneness peace begins here. 

Community Outreach

Inner harmony begins with being happy and feeling care and love. Through various community outreach events (e.g. community fairs, senior home visits, disaster prevention fairs, and seminars, etc.) OPF brings warm and happy moments and cares to communities. 

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