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OPF and CAREavan Program Join Forces to Help Families Going Through Tough Times.

Fremont, CA – August 28, 2018 – Trucks from Union City Community and Recreation Services are fully stocked with hundreds of nutritious breakfast, healthy snacks, and hygiene necessities in the warm Tuesday aftern

oon. “All the items will be immediately distributed to program facilities and ready for homeless families and individuals coming tonight,” said Jesus Carcia, the Program Coordinator. “Our facilities’ food pantries are typically low in supply during non-holiday seasons. These are wonderful!”

“OPF plans to continue the giving effort and has made this one of our long term projects,” said Master Samantha, the Founder of OPF. “Our members have been actively supporting the program. These families and individuals are the victims of high housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We appreciate Union City Council and City Community and Recreation Services initiated CAREavan Program. We will help as much as we could.” “I personally spoke to few homeless families and individuals,” Master Samantha further commented. “They all have full time jobs, work very hard to support their family or themselves, but still cannot afford to get a place. CAREavan Program provides them a warm and safe place to sleep at night while the City working on a plan for affordable housings.”

"The total value of items donated to CAREavan exceeded $3,000.00 this time,” said Dr. KC Ng, the Project Coordinator. “We hope to set an example to encourage more supports from our community and local organizations.”

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